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ZION - Roger Dominguez: Honduras Natural

ZION - Roger Dominguez: Honduras Natural

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Tasting Notes of: White Chocolate, Rose, & Strawberry Sorbet 

Roast Style: Light

Honduran natural processed coffees are relatively new to our ever-growing and complex industry, and this is a prime example of just how tasty they can be.  This coffee's sweetness and flavor is derived from picking the ripest coffee cherries by hand, sorting them by quality, cleaning the desired cherries, and then placing them on raised drying beds for a month or more. His effort and lengthy processing methods are best understood when tasting the quality of this coffee for the first time. This coffee is juicy, clean, exciting but yet approachable. This coffee has strong fruity and floral flavors that are direct results of Roger Domínguez's work. 

Roger Antonio Domínguez Márquez owns several small farms in La Paz, Marcala. A young producer who inherited his father’s midsize farms, he grows a small varieties of heirloom Bourbon, Catuai, and Caturra. He is intentional with processing, placing extra care into his wet-milling and drying processes. Roger has three parcels of land in Marcala, all above 1,300 meters in altitude. Continue to see the improvement and quality coming form his farms. 

Our owners current favorite offering 

-We always chase after a coffees sweetness, and this offering is BEYOND SWEET! It is an incredible and rare natural offering from Honduras that we can't get enough of.  

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