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YELLOWSTONE - Iwariti: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

YELLOWSTONE - Iwariti: Ethiopia Yirgacheffe

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Tasting Notes of: Floral, Honey, Meyer Lemon, Apricot, & Champagne 

Roast Style: Light

This lot comes from the Yirgacheffe Region of Ethiopia. This iconic region is known by all in the coffee world for their complex and clean washed coffee lots, and this Iwariti lot is no different. Grown at a high elevation of 2200 meters above sea level, this coffee is grown under strategically grown Birebera shade trees. When ripe, the coffee cherries are selectively picked and then send to be processed. At the Idido washing station in Yirgacheffe, the cherries are pulped, washed, sorted further, and dried for export. Being a grade 1 coffee coming from this noteworthy region, means each step of the process is scrutinized for quality. Grade 1 is the highest quality of coffee exported from Ethiopia, and exactly the coffee quality we want to share coming from this region. 

This is clean and complex Ethiopia offering giving light and effervescent notes of sweet honey, bright Meyer Lemon, juicy apricot, and intense florals throughout. 

Owners Notes:

-This coffee is the definition of a washed Ethiopian coffee done right, and it is exactly what we want to share with you coming from this iconic coffee producing country.

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