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WHITE RIVER - Andaki: Colombia

WHITE RIVER - Andaki: Colombia

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Tasting Notes of: White Grape, Caramel, Fruit Punch, & Raspberry

Roast Style: Light

This bright and fruit forward cup comes from our friends at Tio Conejo in Colombia. Tio Conejo is behind some of the finest coffees to come out of Colombia, and the Andaki is a wonderful example of their work. This coffee is packed with red fruit notes that brighten and excite one's palate. This fruit forward flavor is matched with intensely sweet aromatics that flood the room when brewing. It is rounded out with a caramel-like sweetness which lends to its smooth mouthfeel. 

Owners Notes: 

-This coffee is one of our current favorites. It is a perfect all day drinker, and we cannot get enough of this brew. 

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