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GRAND TETON - Kalimaz: Ethiopia Gugi Natural

GRAND TETON - Kalimaz: Ethiopia Gugi Natural

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Tasting Notes of: Watermelon, Cherry, & Peaches & Cream

Roast Style: Light

This natural processed coffee comes from the Gugi region of Ethiopia. This iconic southern region in Ethiopia is known for its floral, bright, and fruit forward coffees. Our Kalimaz is a great example of a complex coffee coming out of this region. Providing us with a touch deeper profile than many typical Ethiopian specialty coffees, our Kalimaz gives us fruit notes of watermelon, cherry, peaches & cream, plum, and other stone-fruits. The mouthfeel on this coffee is also a touch creamier and deeper than most Ethiopian natural coffees on the market. Both this quality, and the deep stone fruit characteristics gives this G1 offering (highest quality available for purchase) a very unique tasting experience. 

Our Grand Teton has a unique, complex, and deep flavor profile for being an Ethiopia Natural coffee. We are very pleased with this coffee, and it is a cup we look forward to each day. 

Owners Notes:

- A daily drinker for those who love a fruit forward brew. 

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