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ARCHES - Juan Martin: Pink Bourbon, Colombia Natural

ARCHES - Juan Martin: Pink Bourbon, Colombia Natural

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Tasting Notes of: Chocolate Covered Cherries, Strawberry, Hibiscus, & Baking Spice 

Roast Style: Light/Medium

This is our second year buying coffee from Juan Martin, and we are SO happy to share his top-quality coffees to you once again. This Pink Bourbon, natural processed coffee is achieved by picking the ripest cherries by hand, sorting them further by quality, cleaning the desired cherries, and then placing them on raised drying beds until the desired moisture content is achieved. After the coffee cherries have dried and fallen off, the beans ready for further processing and finally, export. This natural drying process allows the beans to absorb a TON of natural fruit flavor from the coffee cherries. This pink bourbon varietal is an amazing example of a natural coffee done right. It is juicy, clean, and provides the drinker with an exciting fruit forward flavor profile. 

Juan Martin's farm is located in the highest area of Sotara, just 30 minutes from Cauca's capital of Popayan. His operation is dedicated to developing environmentally-conscious farming practices, as well as providing jobs to community members with advanced educational opportunities. It is a true example of innovate and forward thinking business practices in the region. 

Owners Notes:

-The aroma from this coffee is out of this world! Nostalgic in many ways, this coffee shoots us back to standing in a small town candy store amazed by all of the sweet surroundings. Get ready for a red fruit packed cup! For the natural lovers out there, this one is for you. We are proud to be offering coffee from Juan Martin for the second year in a row. 

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