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BRYCE CANYON - Nyampinga: Rwanda, Womens Lot

BRYCE CANYON - Nyampinga: Rwanda, Womens Lot

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Tasting Notes of: Milk Chocolate, Golden Raisin, & Honey 

Roast Style: Light

This is a super smooth offering coming to us from Rwanda. With sweet tasting notes of honey, golden raisin, and milk chocolate, this coffee is a well rounded and fan favorite for everyone who gives it a try. 

Owners Notes:

-In every coffee we sample, we are always looking for the coffee's natural sweetness to come forward. This lot from Rwanda is a PRIME example of what we are looking for with coffee sweetness. When brewed, there is a rounded and syrupy sweetness pairs perfectly with the tasting notes of milk chocolate and golden raisin the coffee provides. 

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