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BOUNDARY WATERS - Ethiopia & Colombia Blend

BOUNDARY WATERS - Ethiopia & Colombia Blend

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Tasting Notes of: Wild Raspberry, Pistachio & Pink Lemonade

Roast Style: Light - Great for Espresso & Drip

Both coffees that make up this signature blend are great on their own, but when paired together, that's when the real magic happens. Blending these two origins makes for a delicious and delicate cup of coffee that can be enjoyed as a filter offering and as an espresso. 

Upfront, you are met with a brightness that excites and awakens your palate. This is accompanied with sweet fruit notes that give this coffee its unique and punchy flavor. This offering is a true match made in heaven, and it continues to amaze us with each sip. 

The Colombian component for this blend comes is from a small female producer group in the Tolima region in Colombia called, Mujeres Gaitania Acedga. This group consist of only about 70 members. Having such a small group of workers allows each member to be part of the production in a impactful way. It also allows for a higher focus on quality for these small lots. 

Our owners current, "all day drinker" 

-When we receive coffee samples from our friends at Tío Conejo, it reminds us of opening presents as a child during the holidays. Their coffees are some of the best we have ever sampled, and we are honored to share them with you! This coffee is both exiting and well balanced. 

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