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ARAPAHO - Carlos Pola, El Salvador: Dehydrated Honey

ARAPAHO - Carlos Pola, El Salvador: Dehydrated Honey

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Tasting Notes of: Blackberry, Caramel, & Fruit Punch

Roast Style: Light/Medium

This bright and fruit forward cup comes from our friend Carlos Pola in El Salvador. We had the chance to meet Carlos and hear about his regenerative farming practices that are changing the ways of coffee growing in his region of El Salvador.

Carlos is revolutionizing the way of farming by using mushrooms and other fungi to regenerate the soil on his property. He has been letting nature take its original course on his land for 10+ years which has provided him with intensely nutrient rich soil for coffee growing. He stated that ever since he let nature take over and grow its own ecological system, his coffee has been on a path of constant improvement. This is evident in his coffees as they are truly delicious. He does not use any fertilizers or foreign additives to his crops. Along with the fungi network feeding his land and crops, he is a big proponent of letting foliage, leaves, tree limbs, etc fall and regenerate his soil beneath his coffee crop as well. It took a long time for nature to return to its natural regenerative ways, but it is working for Carlos in El Salvador.

This dehydrated honey processed coffee is packed with deep red and purple fruit notes that brighten and excite one's palate. This fruit forward flavor is matched with intensely sweet aromatics that flood the room when brewing. It is rounded out with a caramel-like sweetness which lends to its smooth mouthfeel. 

Owners Notes: 

-This coffee is one of our current favorites. It is a perfect all day drinker, and we cannot get enough of this brew. 

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