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BRYCE CANYON - Chiapas: Mexico Honey Process

BRYCE CANYON - Chiapas: Mexico Honey Process

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Tasting Notes of: Milk Chocolate, Vanilla Bean, & Black Cherry 

Roast Style: Light

This is a more unique and complex offering coming out of Mexico. Giving us a rounded flavor profile with both chocolate and fruit notes, this coffee is bright, yet deep. 

What Makes a Honey Processed Coffee Special?

At intake, the coffee cherries are inspected, and only the ripe and red cherries are processed for this Honey lot. The cherries are pulped and both the parchment and the remaining mucilage are laid to dry all together. Finally, the lot is continuously raked to ensure an even drying process. This processing method is used to retain much of the coffee cherries natural fruit flavor, while also allowing for a clean cup. 

Owners Notes:

-This coffee really takes on both aspects of being bold yet light and complex at the same time. We classify this offering as a universal crowd pleaser. 

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