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ARCHES - Manos Juntas: Colombia Natural

ARCHES - Manos Juntas: Colombia Natural

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Tasting Notes of: Raspberry, Rosehip, & Maraschino Cherry 

Roast Style: Light/Medium

This natural processed coffee is achieved by picking the ripest cherries by hand, sorting them by quality, cleaning the desired cherries, and then placing them on raised drying beds until the desired moisture content is achieved. Colombia's high humidity and rainy climate do add to the challenge of achieving a high-quality naturally-processed coffee; but, when it is done properly and the coffee is moved consistently throughout the curing process, we are left with an exquisite end result like our Manos Juntas. This coffee is an amazing example of a natural coffee done right. It is juicy and clean, with an exciting fruity flavor profile. 

Manos Juntas is a micromill in the Sotara area of Colombia's Cauca region. This is where the coffee is sorted for quality, cleaned, and processed in its desired form. In this case, the coffee cherries are aged in tanks for a period of five days before they are taken to solar dryers. From There, the remaining drying phase takes 30–45 days until it is ready for export. 

Owners Notes:

-The aroma from this coffee is out of this world! Nostalgic in many ways, this coffee shoots us back to standing in a small town candy store amazed by all of the sweet surroundings. Get ready for a red fruit packed cup! For the natural lovers out there, this one is for YOU!

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